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 America In Crimson Red: The Baptist History of America 

James Beller
Published by Prairie Fires

"America in Crimson Red contains a wealth of information about our Baptist heritage. In a day when staggering number of church members have almost no information about our heritage, I beleive books like this can help us understand our past better so we can move forward more powerfully." --Dr. Jack Trieber "The book captured my attention. I could not put it down. Paster Beller is one of the finest historians of our day and did a tremendous job tracing our Godly heritage and our Baptist roots in Amercia...A must Read" Dr. Dennis Corle, Evangelist, editor Revival Fires. Every Baptist should know: * The origins of the old time religion. And why we shouldn't throw it away. * The American dissident who shed his blood in Boston for liberty 100 years before the Boston Massacre. * The obscure New England native who became the most influential preacher in American History. * The Revival that lead to the Bill of Rights. * The true origin of the frontier camp meeting - a unique American Baptist phenomenon. * Once and for all - George Washington immersed as a believer at the conclusion of the Revolutionary War? Hardback 684 pages.

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